• Julia Adrien

track review - "Haircut sphinx" by guided by voices

The first single from Guided By Voices’ forthcoming album, Mirrored Aztec, does not disappoint. In fact, I was un-disappointed before I even listened to the song, being that the album art is so fucking good.

"Haircut Sphinx" is instrumentally energetic and exciting—a heavy guitar riff rocks out over clean drums and a truly groovy bass line. Pollard’s trademark vocals—some of my favorite in the industry—are filled with heart and emotion.

The lyrics are—as usual for GBV—a collage of relatable everyday imagery through a poetic lens. “Haircut sphinx drinks and drinks…The baby is wild, well he’s an only child…Everywhere you blow the winds of change.” Anything but straightforward, they are open to interpretation. My first impression is that they refer to some sort of chaotic family dynamic. In any case, it's interesting, and I'm hoping they play it at their virtual concert on July 17.

LISTEN NOW: "Haircut Sphinx" by Guided by Voices

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