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split single review - "second biggest fan/high in the rain" by send medicine (+ new music video)

Photo credit: Bret Lemke

"Second Biggest Fan"/"High in the Rain" is the newest split single from the LA based alternative, psychedelic band Send Medicine. It came out earlier this month on October 16.

It is the 3rd Single the band has released in 2020, coming on the heels of "Roses are Contagious at Dawn" back in July and "Scorpio Long Ago" in January. The music video for "Second Biggest Fan" was just released today. WATCH NOW: "Second Biggest Fan" music video

Second Biggest Fan “Second Biggest Fan” is a caramelized treat. Somewhat slower and darker than Send Medicine’s biggest hits, bluesy guitar oozes into the intro. The lyrics are enticing: “I just met your second biggest fan…” “She loves you with both eyes closed…” These lyrics have a mysterious essence to them as most Send Medicine lyrics do, but to me it almost seems like the narrator met a girl who’s in love with a friend of his, but the friend is taken (hence the girl is Friend’s “second biggest fan”), so Narrator’s warning Friend. “She loves you with both eyes closed” = this girl can’t really acknowledge the truth that the narrator’s friend is taken. And it sucks, cuz maybe the narrator’s single and wishes the lovestruck girl would love him instead. Okay, now I’m just getting way too involved in this, and I’m probably totally wrong anyway, but this is why poetic lyrics are fun: you get to have your own interpretation of them. Julian Hacquebard’s signature whispery vocals stand out as always. The song structure is unpredictable and keeps the listener guessing. A bohemian rhythm section is also enjoyable. There’s a particularly enjoyable, catchy refrain that'll surely get stuck in your head: “Hey now I know because…Hey now I do suppose.” The outro makes for a satisfying, heartstring-pulling ending.

High in the Rain A nice, full, long, multi-instrumental intro lasts over a full minute. Some relatable lyrics: “Don’t it feel good letting go?” The percussion in particular stands out. Hacquebard’s lead vocals sound amazing as always, but the female backing vocal also sounds great and makes the song pop. Yep, this is one of my favorite bands for a reason. LISTEN NOW: "Second Biggest Fan"/"High in the Rain" on Spotify

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