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Short Film Review - "Diet" by Social House Films

Still from "Diet" by Social House Films

Social House Films, the indie producers behind the digital-era romance feature Electric Love (2019), have recently taken a dive into the horror world with a string of short films including “Bed Head,” “The Ice Cream Man,” “Back Up,” “Splat,” and now “Diet.”

“Diet,” directed and edited by Aaron Fradkin, stars Wes Overby as a young man who has recently embarked on the ‘Carrot Diet.’ The ‘Carrot Diet’ is a clear parody of real-life restrictive diet crazes like Raw Foodism, Fruitarianism and Intermittent Fasting. “Diet” reminds us that depriving our bodies is not all fun and games; if we believe everything we hear from someone trying to sell us a book or a meal kit, our downfall may lurk just around the corner.

Hence, part of the brilliance of “Diet” is the way the timeline is laid out. “Diet” is really funny until the very end, when it’s just…scary.

I also have to give a nod to the sound engineering, which really adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Fradkin is great in his cameo as ‘Gavin Brackets,’ the spokesman for ‘1-800-EAT-CARROTS,’ and Victoria Fratz is absolutely amazing as the very memorable antagonist whose identity I will not give away.

Still from "Diet" by Social House Films

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