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Interview - Drip-133

Updated: Jul 1, 2020


Drip-133 rose to cult fame as an electronic music producer and member of TeamSESH. He also takes photos, has a clothing line (Crime Gene), and streams on Twitch. But to me, he has always been a hometown friend to watch random YouTube videos/walk around town aimlessly with. He is fucking awesome.

The Mood 51: Tell the story of how you got started making music (even if that story is long).

Drip-133: i started when i was about 12 or so.. i downloaded a couple free programs and started implementing samples horribly until i eventually got fl studio. mostly just spent years & years fucking around in the program until i figured out how to -generally- create songs. M51: The Internet allows you to work with other musicians outside of your geographical location. Who were you most excited to work with who lives nowhere near you?

D133: basically anyone i'm friends with online that i enjoy making music with i am most excited about M51: Which artist has had the biggest impact on your music?

D133: aphex twin, boards of canada, a lot of detroit techno artists [plastikman, drexciya, juan atkins etc.] & my friends M51: If you didn’t live in Michigan, where would you go?

D133: japan or iceland or some shit, they both seem cool M51: Who do you most want to collaborate with that you haven’t yet?

D133: bjork M51: Favorite up-and-coming or largely unknown artists?

D133: daniel bell, the advent, chris colburn M51: Where did you get the idea for the name Drip-133?

D133: jus randomly came to me one day, and i was like "that shit sounds cool" M51: Name a few of your favorite cartoons from any era.

D133: kablaam, the head, shin chan, serial experiments lain M51: What’s one song you have with inspiration behind it that people might not pick up on?

D133: don't wanna ruin any secrets inside the songs.. but a lot of them are things from my past or just simply some field recordings i made M51: How has it been working on your clothing line, Crime Gene? Where do you get the inspiration for your designs, what process do you use to print the shirts, and what do you use to draw?

D133: i actually collaborate mostly with bitmap and 03 who are also in crime gene & we use printful for our stuff M51: What’s your favorite game to play on Twitch?

D133: anything on gamecube or dreamcast M51: Where’s your favorite spot to skate in or near Detroit?

D133: downtown is nice, used to skate the wig a bit -- the new park they just put in is pretty sick but i don't be up there too often M51: What music would you never listen to?

D133: i mean, i could enjoy any type of music.. but at the same time i hate a lot of shit [hard question to answer] M51: You often Tweet (and title your songs with) fragments of cliches of language (“The way I see it,” “who asked you,” “I’ve asked myself that same question,” etc). Why’s that?

D133: i just tweet what comes to my mind, may it be cryptic or broken sentences.. when i think of em -- i just share em M51: What camera(s) do you use for photography? D133: fujifilm x100v & a bunch of 2000's digital cameras M51: Favorite thing to get from McDonald’s? D133: water cup, i don't eat mcdonalds like that anymore

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