• Julia Adrien

Film review - 'Have a good Trip: adventures in psychedelics'

TL;DR: celebrities talk about their psychedelic experiences and give tips on tripping


This is the kind of movie that you'll get a kick out of if you're into this kind of thing. This is very obviously not for everyone, but if you enjoy or are interested in psychedelics and/or if you care about celebrities, you'll like it. The star-studded cast is pretty impressive too, featuring Carrie Fisher, Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, Sting, Donovan, and more.

The psychedelic animations and art are one of the best parts of the movie. You don't really get sick of looking at all those bright colors and fun cartoons...dare I say Peter Max-inspired? The celebrities talking ranges from interesting to super boring depending on who's talking. A$SAP Rocky, Sarah Silverman and Ben Stiller are the funniest.

Over all it was fun but underwhelming. I would definitely recommend watching it with a friend or something to spice it up; it gets repetitive after a while.

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