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double EP review - lurking from home/three songs by i choose izumi

Album art by Sarah Bradbury.

Contemplative singer-songstress I Choose Izumi's newly released CD melds beautiful harmonies, catchy choruses, memorable guitar instrumentation, and coded personal anecdotes.

TL;DR: Favorite track: "Screaming Service"

Least favorite track: none 🔥📺🕳️⚔️👓


"Weapons" Love the self harmonization and can already definitely hear the Guided By Voices influence. Lots of beautiful melodies happening. It's just as good as any GBV song. I Choose Izumi has a beautiful voice too. This is probably the only song I've ever heard that's about dental insurance! "'Little bones that kill me are my teeth,'" I Choose Izumi explains, "15 years with no health insurance. All good now."

"Negative Consequence" (alternate version) Very different from Weapons, “Negative Consequence” is more raw, with garage and grunge influences, ominous guitar, and drums by Chris Bradbury. Slightly reminds me of the Devil Between My Toes era. Fun fact: There were two different versions of this made, and if you order I Choose Izumi’s CD, you don’t know which version you might get! "It's a personal account of something that really happened," says I Choose Izumi, "And the story is right there in the words."

"Hole" A love song for I Choose Izumi's husband features wistful lyrics sounding vibrant on top of Sarah’s signature downstroke picking. Another very personal song, although very different from "Negative Consequence" in terms of subject matter.


Some of the most beautiful-sounding guitar I’ve heard in a while, more self-harmonization, and ‘90s influences makes for the perfect midnight snack of a song. "'Amplify is a song about sleep paralyis,'" says I Choose Izumi, "And how it feels when I think I've woken up and started my day, but I'm still dreaming."

"New Brand"

A song about major life transformations and the determination it takes to be proactive and make big things happen for yourself and your family. It vaguely reminds me of Dinosaur Jr’s “Sludgefeast” in terms of certain stylistic choices!


"Screaming Service"

Soooo catchy. It’s gonna be a chore getting this out of my head! “People are nowhere, they’ve never been anywhere, not sure if it’s me or them, but I’m tired.” So good…kind of reminds me of Weezer, Pinkerton era! According to I Choose Izumi, "Screaming Service" is actually about her TV addiction, which makes a lot of sense lyrically. Whether your vice is TV, YouTube, social media, or something else, I feel like this is a song that anyone alive in this era can relate to.

"Esther B" Chill song. Made me wanna know who Esther B is, and according to I Choose Izumi it's a woman whose mail keeps coming to her house. I love the sample during the ‘cadets marching’ part; it was subtle but it really made the song amazing. "Esther B is about how I've lived my whole life on my back porch this year," says I Choose Izumi.


Funnily enough, I Choose Izumi can't remember who she wrote this angry song about. Great way to end the EP; this leaves me wanting more! Can’t wait for the next EP or album!


Three Songs

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