• Julia Adrien

Book Review - Severed Wings by Steven-Elliot Altman

TL;DR: - magical realism - page turner - action-packed 👼💋🍿⚔️🎮

Take a seat on the edge of your chair, grab some popcorn, and let this unassuming-looking book shock you into an unblinking state of staying up long past your bedtime, reading against your will. Severed Wings, to be released on June 3 2020, is a page turner that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of fantasy, pain, sex, and suspense. The protagonist, Brandon, is an up-and-coming actor with a gorgeous, loving girlfriend. However, his practically-perfect life is soon completely shattered when he finds himself in a serious car crash, after which his life is forever changed. Starting over in a new housing complex, he meets a mysterious couple who can promise him something he never thought possible; even so, endless gut-wrenching obstacles block his path to this miracle. At the same time, he must make the transition from a man who previously valued only superficiality to a man of character—and that might just prove to be the hardest part of his ever-intensifying battle. The author, Steven-Elliot Altman, comes from the video game world. He is the former game director at Acclaim Games and has written super-popular games like Pearl’s Peril, 9Dragons, Entropia Universe, Ancient Aliens: The Game, and Project Blue Book: The Game. His history with games really shows through in his writing style, setting him apart from most other novelists. The book almost reads like a video game: clear-cut objective, impossibly sexy object of desire, action-packed physical struggles, powerful tokens to be collected, and even some semblance of a final boss. A true page-turner is a rare gem. I was up late, holding my breath, fighting the urge to skip ahead because the buildup is so intense and I just had to find out what happened. Just when I thought I knew what was going on, the rug was yanked out from under me. It’s amazing how words on a page can take us on such intense emotional journeys. This is one of those books that really does that. There is no filler and there’s never a dull moment, and as a reader, I really appreciated that. It was a book that was written with the reader’s experience in mind. Only one word of caution before you partake: there are a handful of delicate topics touched on in Severed Wings, but this is not a book that handles delicate topics delicately; instead, it sacrifices tenderness for thrills.

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