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Art showcase - Paintings by Alex Derama

Alex Derama

Artist Bio:

"I, Alex Derama, am a gay mix-media artist living in Arcata, CA. I have studied art techniques at San Diego City college, with a special interest in painting and drawing, and will continue my education at Humboldt State University. My work incorporates a mixture of vivid and muted colors to create elegant yet exciting and expressive paintings, drawings, and collages. Furthermore, my work is at once literally and metaphorically multilayered, often intertwining various images and figures that are then attached to larger paintings with found objects and embroidered. Juxtaposing both minimalism and maximalism as a stylistic technique, I attempt to deconstruct and analyze the human condition and better understand the lay of the land. By depicting my external desires and personal lamenting embedded in a backdrop of post-modernism and late capitalism, my art may be interpreted as a visual exploration of both personal and investigative journalism. This current series examines how our identities are changing in the current world we live in."

Artist Statement: “Through my wacky used of color, texture, and imagery—I attempt to rationally dissect my feelings and memories along with my wants and fears to better understand myself and hopefully to get us to understand each other; after all, everyone is going through life with a lot of hope and uncertainty in their mind.” 

Alex Derama

"Xol" Oil on canvas 16" x 24"

Alex Derama "Xol Muse" Oil on canvas 16" x 24"

Alex Derama "American Futurism 2.0" Oil on canvas 16" x 24"

Alex Derama American Futurism 2.1 Oil on canvas 16" x 24"

Alex Derama "Picasso Knockoff" Oil on canvas 16" x 24"

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