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Album review - 'vagabon' by vagabon

A lyrical and mystical journey through the mind and soul of Vagabon, AKA Laetitia Tamko.

TL;DR: Favorite track: "Flood" Least favorite track: "Please Don't Leave the Table"


When I first heard the opening track, “Full Moon in Gemini,” my heart almost fucking stopped when she said

“Driving through Arcata Past the mad river and the mountains.”

I live in Arcata—well, pretty much—and it’s a tiny unknown town that literally never gets mentioned in songs. Wow, as if this song already wasn’t good enough on its own.

“Flood” is literally unbelievable. It’s not only my favorite song on the album, but one of my favorite songs period. It’s a completely, entirely original sound vocally and so, so catchy with amazing lyrics. A beautiful song about overwhelming love.

“I run each light for you Even if I could have it stop without you I'll start without you I'm laying my life down Unto the gold crown To be near you”

“Secret Medicine” is about a breakup, but the narrator doesn’t regret putting her all into the relationship. Sad song, but sometimes we need sad songs.

“Water Me Down” is a unique song that’s almost upbeat and downbeat at the same time. I love the little reference to “Flood”:

“Only with grace I’ll make you a flood in my…"

Really makes this song almost seem like a sequel to “Flood,” and I find that so cool.

“In A Bind” is about being left for another woman; however, the narrator takes some responsibility for the situation because she was “gone a lot.” The “uh-huh, uh-huh” refrain makes it stand out.

“Wits About You” is gorgeous as always of course, especially because of the vocals, but also this key lyric:

“When you know that it's done But you won't leave it alone, leave it alone Why won't you just say, ‘It's wrong’?”

“Please Don’t Leave the Table” is an abstract song about complicated love.

“Home Soon” has minimal lyrics and a straight-up angelic sound. A nice song for when you’re going home.

“Every Woman” is a lyrically vast song about women’s struggles and strength.

“Full Moon in Gemini Monako Reprise” is “Full Moon Gemini” again but performed by Monako. Really awesome actually to hear a cover of the song on the same album the song itself is debuting on.

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