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Album Review - Sports EP by Huddyglo

Hailing from the redwood forests of Arcata, CA, Hudson Glover AKA Huddyglo is a psychedelic multi-instrumentalist whose new EP, Sports, is out TODAY on Earth Libraries! Sports differs from Glover's previous work in that it is far more lyrically focused--a wonderful change for listeners, as Glover is as talented a lyricist as he is an instrumentalist. Lyrical themes in Sports range from the everyday to the highly personal, and musical influences include disco, krautrock, '60s and '70s film soundtracks, library records, Ween, Stereolab, and Arthur Russell. TL;DR: Favorite track: "Be My Sequencer" Least favorite track: none 🐛🦋🎹🐱

Sports I can see why this is called “Sports”! A montage of psychedelic characters from playing soccer and basketball interspersed with imagery from the 1990s is just floating through my head while I’m listening to this pleasant instrumental. Lone and Contact Lens come to mind as possible influences. I feel like this would be amazing live. It’s so upbeat and just makes you want to dance. The mix is great too, with everything sounding crystal clear for my ears to enjoy.

Be My Sequencer (Feat. Red Two Six) What a beautiful melody! A perfect transition from “Sports,” “Be My Sequencer” allows Huddyglo’s caramel-like vocals to shine. The vocals almost come in the form of an ethereal haze, so I have to do some guesswork as to what some of the lyrics are, but I make out a word here and there, and then, clear as a bell: “be my sequencer,” followed by some classic ‘70s-style psychedelic “la la”s that bring to mind The Free Design and Ultimate Spinach. The whole idea of ‘be my sequencer’ in his song is sort of meta almost like Squarepusher’s “Plug Me In.” Great bass line from Red Two Six (Cameron Lampert of Feed Me Jack). The instrumental bridge is also really unexpected and enjoyable. I expected this album to be good, but this is actually even better than I expected. I’ve now finished listening to the audio and I’m moving on to the music video…and I’m pretty happy to see Huddyglo playing cards with a mini Huddyglo dancing on the table at the same time. And oh my goodness, it’s a lyric video. Well, now I’m really happy.

“I hold my synth at night Before I fall asleep It keeps my safe alright With its melody It’s never out of tune When I hear it dream It helps me when I’m blue And listens to me weep…”

Okay, so the lyrics are great. Good to know! Now that I know the lyrics and have seen the video, I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of the meaning of the song (or maybe not, ha). But my interpretation is that this is almost like a love song from Huddyglo to Huddyglo and all the forms Huddyglo takes, whether that’s in a psychedelic sense or in the sense that he only relies on himself to make his music, and he can play all these different instruments and comprises his entire ‘band.’ Another interpretation would be that it’s a love song to his instruments and to everything that allows him to make music. And when I hear the lyric “Somewhere out there you have a twin/We may meet at our next gig/I promise you, a brother/You can talk to each other”—well, now I’m thinking maybe it’s a song about finding someone who is so much like you that they practically are you and at a certain point it’s hard to tell where you end and they begin. Well, either way, self love, appreciating your musical equipment, and brotherly love are all really underappreciated concepts. According to Huddyglo himself, “This song is really meant to be a love song for my Casio SK5 synth and the challenges [I have] when [I bring] new synths into the studio. [I] take care of these keyboards like they are alive—most of them are actually older than [I am]!” Drinking game: Take a shot every time you see yet another Huddyglo in this video. Watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

WATCH NOW: "Be My Sequencer" music video Trip on My Tongue (Feat. Red Two Six) I’m gonna go straight to the music video for this one just because of how much the music video for “Be My Sequencer” helped me to understand it. The vibe of this track is ‘nostalgic’—that’s definitely the word for it. And it’s peaceful, but you can also sense some underlying conflict. Huddyglo’s caterpillar costume and the whole A Bug’s Life On Acid setting of the video really adds. Especially if you’re, ya know, not entirely sober. Wow, I really was not expecting this cello. And I really have to give Huddyglo credit—he’s REALLY taking his role as a caterpillar seriously! Here comes that underlying conflict I knew was there—the caterpillar is now getting chased by a bird. This song is really really good, the type to get stuck in your head. Once again, a great bass line provided by Red Two Six, as well as other effects. I’m happy to see Huddyglo transform from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly! And oh man, I am so excited to see Rosemary Shultz making a guest appearance as multiple flowery and otherwise Easter-y versions of herself. Apparently she contributed to the makeup and costume design for the video, which was obviously great. These three—Huddyglo, Rosemary and Red Two Six—have really come together to show that art is play and that it has no rules. According to Huddyglo, the concept behind the song was recalling a fever dream he had while at a party at his DIY house venue in Oakland. This song explores his queerness and is the video of turning into a caterpillar to a butterfly is a metaphor for him becoming more comfortable with his sexual fluidity. If you pay attention, you’ll get that from some of the imagery in the lyrics:

“A soft bristled beard Whispering near me Bleach blonde and sassy I hope that he hears me…”

WATCH NOW: "Trip on My Tongue" music video Ain’t Going Out Tonight Clearest the vocals have been on the album so far; really lets me appreciate the lyrics.

“I stay up till sunrise and drink syrup to sleep It’s the only thing happening Since when did I need to drink all these things that are sedating me? … I ain’t going out tonight I’m sick of seeing people I don’t like”

Again, not a topic we hear a lot; we hear endless songs about going out, but hardly any about staying in and the reasons we might choose that. I really like the almost collapsed-sounding beat and ‘sparkly’ sounding effects too. According to Huddyglo, he wrote this song during a depression when he was feeling antisocial and often using substances to escape. Chair of Blue Almost like a plot building, “Chair of Blue” starts in a way that piques interest and really amps up as time goes on. There is so much going on in this song. It’s a trip! The busy bridge nicely breaks the song up. According to Huddyglo, “Chair of Blue” took nearly a year to write and record. Huddyglo’s goal was to capture the disco vibes of the late ‘70s/early ‘80s NYC club scene. The vocals were inspired by Arthur Russell. “This song was written about a blue chair in [my] room that [my] cat loves, and whenever [I] sit down in it, he comes and hangs out with me,” Huddyglo explains, “[My] cat rarely cuddles, but whenever [I] sit in [my] chair, [we] usually have a magical moment.”

“Our cat will find you in the chair of blue Lovely, you’ll both drift off to the moon Sleeping in, with with with you Our kitty loves the chair of blue”

So cute!

Semiprecious “Semiprecious” begins with what almost sounds like music to meditate to and quickly transitions into a soft, wistful verse with poetic yet fun lyrics. A catchy chorus follows. The song celebrates semiprecious gems and other ‘second-rate’ things and experiences that go unappreciated in the face of luxury.

“Faux fur rocks the night away Make it trashy, I like it fake … I don’t need designer clothes Your fancy rocks, your tacky rings”

Huddyglo says, “Musically, this was inspired by modern indie acts and friends Still Woozy, Legwurk, and Bobbing.”

Friendly Combos Almost getting Radiohead vibes from the intro, but then, as Huddyglo tracks tend to do, it promptly morphs into something else. Crazy visuals going through my head. A mixture of outer space and a jungle-like place. I think it was a wise choice to end the album on an instrumental track; it lets you meditate on the tracks that came before and on what a great album it was!

Ambient B Side No review or spoilers as it’s a secret track that’s only available on the cassette, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself! It’s great though, and a different style from the rest of the EP! LISTEN NOW: Sports EP by Huddyglo CHECK IT OUT: Huddyglo merch

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