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album review - déliqueux ep by inspecteur délique

Album art by Benjamin Moutte

From French electronic psych artist Inspecteur DÈLIQUE comes a deliciously wild journey complete with many unexpected twists and turns. Fans of Black Moth Super Rainbow will enjoy.

TL;DR: Favorite track: "Chonche" Least favorite track: none



Going into this album I really didn’t know what to expect. And listening to this song, I still don’t even know what’s going on, haha. However, since I know it is a French artist, I am kind of glad there are no lyrics because I wouldn’t be able to understand them. A throbbing intro quickly becomes repetitive twisted melodies and a satisfying bass line. It definitely has otherworldly vibes, almost like music from an alien-themed arcade game from the ‘80s or even straight-up made by aliens.

"Ketarde" We start with drums here. Again, everything is repetitive and looping. I feel like this song has happier vibes than Moutchup, which had darker vibes. Drums getting more and more complex as the track continues. Much like Moutchup it’s keeping me on my toes, and I can’t really think of any other music it reminds me of, which is always a good thing. Actually, I take that back. This song does have Eating Us-era Black Moth Super Rainbow vibes for me. Again, always a good thing. Love the guitar outro so much!

"Chonche" Okay, this is definitely my favorite song on the album so far. It reminds me of BMSR so much! While I also love the new stuff Tobacco/BMSR has done, it’s nice to listen to something that is new to my ears but sounds sort of like old BMSR.

"Nignon" Slow, thudding sounds almost like elephant footsteps start this track off. The plodding rhythm is soon joined by some mystical synth magic. This track has extremely nostalgic, melancholy, and almost anxious vibes. A memorable melody.

"Oiddar" A more energy-packed track than Nignon, Oiddar is gritty yet hopeful. The synth melody is really enjoyable. I need to go roller skating to this with a bunch of cybergoths about 30 years ago…

"Corbeuf" Looping drums and looping alien-ish melody. Once again I’m getting arcade vibes. Right around the middle there’s a surprise breakdown. Fun way to end the EP. LISTEN NOW: Déliqueux ep by inspecteur DÈLIQUE

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